"Owning a Pet is Not Just a Privilege,
It's a Responsibility!"

Welcome to Animal Crackers!

Animal Crackers is a grassroots organization of concerned citizens who make a positive impact on the lives of pets and their owners in the Nash and Edgecombe areas. Volunteers advocate for animals and promote responsible pet ownership through local outreach programs. We encourage positive relationships with local animal organizations for the benefit of all pets, pet owners and residents of the Nash and Edgecombe areas.

Our Goals

Animal Crackers is dedicated to promoting responsible pet ownership in our community. To that end, we offer:

Spay/Neuter Assistance

Assist local animal rescue and welfare agencies 

Responsible Pet Ownership

We believe owning a pet is a lifetime commitment, and a pledge to be a responsible pet owner. At a minimum, pets depend on us for food and shelter, yet they deserve so much more.

If you already own a pet, we encourage you to fulfill your obligations as a pet owner, and to consider doing the following to guarantee a happy and healthy pet!

Spay & Neuter Your Pet

Provide Regular Exercise

Vaccinate Your Pet

Provide Clean Water and Food Daily

ID and License Your Pet

Scoop the Poop

Provide Proper Veterinary Care

Teach Children to Respect Animals

Every Donation Helps!

Animal Crackers is entirely dependent on donations and grants to fund our programs. Because we are comprised entirely of volunteers, EVERY dollar we receive goes directly into our mission of promoting responsible pet ownership. Won't you consider making a donation now?